Assignment Project Practice Examples

Objectives: Practice case studies help students to translate theory into practice. Access to companies is often limited. Thus with the assignment: Project Practice Examples we draw on public available information. Objectives of this assignment are to: Bring practice examples into the classroom Show the relevance Apply and deepen basic [...]

Future Trends in Project Management Journals

Project management is understood differently today than it was in 2000 and will continue to evolve. Therefore, it is not enough to teach established PM approaches and tools. PM Journals are a good source to check the current trend in project management. Compared to other areas of business administration, [...]

Blended Learning: Project Process Models

Projects are very diverse. This is also reflected in the process models. It is important that the students understand the key differences and areas of application of the individual models in order to make meaningful use in project practice. For project managers, this decision-making competence in choosing the right [...]